How to bind data to radgrid in asp net

How to bind data to radgrid in asp net

The DataGridView control supports the standard Windows Forms data binding model, so it can bind to a variety of data sources. Usually, you bind to a BindingSource that manages the interaction with the data source. The BindingSource can be any Windows Forms data source, which gives you great flexibility when choosing or modifying your data's location. Visual Studio has extensive support for data binding to the DataGridView control.

Implement a method to handle the details of retrieving the data. It then binds the DataTable to the BindingSource.

how to bind data to radgrid in asp net

This complete code example retrieves data from a database to populate a DataGridView control in a Windows form. The form also has buttons to reload data and submit changes to the database. For more information about installing the Northwind sample database, see Get the sample databases for ADO.

NET code samples. To build and run this example, paste the code into the Form1 code file in a new Windows Forms project. For information about building from the C or Visual Basic command line, see Command-line building with csc. Populate the connectionString variable in the example with the values for your Northwind SQL Server sample database connection.

Windows Authentication, also called integrated security, is a more secure way to connect to the database than storing a password in the connection string. For more information about connection security, see Protect connection information. Skip to main content.

Bind GridView Using Dataset in ASP.Net

Contents Exit focus mode. To connect a DataGridView control to data: Implement a method to handle the details of retrieving the data. Example This complete code example retrieves data from a database to populate a DataGridView control in a Windows form. References to the System, System.

Forms, System. Data, and System. Xml assemblies. Data; using System. SqlClient; using System. Globalization; using System. Fill; reloadButton. Fill table ; bindingSource1.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Can you help me with two way binding: displaying enum values in table and choosing an option in edit mode from drop-down list? With code above it does not display current value in the table nor populate drop-down list it is empty. Sorry for answering my own question, but as I got it working I went with method 2 from Balaji, but have to make several improvements, so to make it all in one place:.

Try the template column Method 2please remove the code which you already used. The code which is written in the ItemDataBound event will be for edit mode. It will display the dropdownlist only at the time when a user clicks on the edit button.

how to bind data to radgrid in asp net

In Normal mode Non-Editable grid by default, either you need to have a value for that particular column or it should be simply left blank. If you have a value from database then you can bind it using DataBinder. Evalso when in normal mode it will display the data from db and in edit mode, it will bind the enum values given from the ItemDataBound event.

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Learn more. Asked 4 years ago. Active 4 years ago. Viewed times. Show your datasource and how you set it. Please paste your C code, you should pass it as a data source not simply as DataField.

Active Oldest Votes. Eval Container. Eval dataItem. DataItem, "MyEnumProperty". ToString ; comboBox. FindItemByText value ; comboBox. Item as GridEditableItem; if e. Eval myGridItem. DataItem, "drpColumn". ToString ; editor.RadGrid for ASP. NET AJAX supports client-side binding to web services or page methods as demonstrated in this and this online demo of the product.

All grid commands will raise the OnCommand client grid event which can be intercepted in order to cancel the default operation and perform a custom action client-side. The RadGrid client-side binding is especially useful when you would like to perform asynchronous refresh of the grid data using web service invocations combined with ASP. NET AJAXthus by-passing the standard event lifecycle of the page and avoiding execution of code logic which is not "connected" to the grid data population.

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Below are some important points that you need to have in mind when utilizing the RadGrid client-side data-binding:. If you are using declarative data-binding and do not bind RadGrid on the server, it will manage to create its client object properly. However, if you are manually binding it on client and do not bind it on server, you need to attach a handler to its OnCommand client event.

In both cases RadGrid will bind itself on the server if you do not bind it explicitly with dummy data to create PageSize items. Later, when you bind it on the client side, previously created items will be populated with data. If you bind the control on client with rows more than PageSize, RadGrid will create new tr elements and populate properly the cells for certain columns. If you want to initially hide the empty rows shown on the client, you can set the RadGrid.

ShowEmptyRowsOnLoad property to false. However, for the rows that are initially created on the server these PageSize itemsRadGrid will manage to populate a control in GridTemplateColumn if the control in that ItemTemplate has ID set equal to the DataField property of that column.

This first example demonstrates how to use declarative client-side data-binding. RadGrid declarative client-side data-binding is very similar to ObjectDataSource data-binding. You need to specify SelectMethod and SelectCountMethod if needed along with Location property and the grid will automatically invoke the specified method as PageMethod or WebService method :.

Important: These methods should be marked with WebMethod attribute. In the ClientSettings. DataBinding section you can also specify the following properties:. Important: By default RadGrid will expect SelectMethod with four arguments with the following names and types:. To change values on the fly of any of the grid declarative client-side data-binding properties you can use the OnDataBinding client-side event:.

Please refer to the JavaScript code in the demo for more information. To optimize even more the grid client-side data binding you can get both data and total items count in a single request. RadGrid can cache data on the client based on the current grid state. EnableCaching property its default value is false :. With client-side caching enabled RadGrid will store the start row index, maximum rows, sorting and filtering expressions and will retrieve them from the cache automatically on subsequent client-side refreshes.

The second client-side binding demo illustrates how to:.

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All Rights Reserved. See Trademarks for appropriate markings. GetData 0, tableView. PageSize : RadGrid1. StringBuilder ; sb. OnInit e ; RadGrid1. FilterExpression ; RadGrid1. ExecuteReader ; while reader. AppendLine String. Empty; if filterExpressions! ToStringconnection ; connection.Every ASP. NET web form control inherits the DataBind method from its parent Control class, which gives it an inherent capability to bind data to at least one of its properties.

This is known as simple data binding or inline data binding. Simple data binding involves attaching any collection item collection which implements the IEnumerable interface, or the DataSet and DataTable classes to the DataSource property of the control. On the other hand, some controls can bind records, lists, or columns of data into their structure through a DataSource control.

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These controls derive from the BaseDataBoundControl class. This is called declarative data binding. The data source controls help the data-bound controls implement functionalities such as, sorting, paging, and editing data collections.

Telerik AJAX TreeView Array Binding

The controls capable of simple data binding are derived from the ListControl abstract class and these controls are:. The controls capable of declarative data binding a more complex data binding are derived from the abstract class CompositeDataBoundControl.

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These controls are:. Simple data binding involves the read-only selection lists. These controls can bind to an array list or fields from a database. Selection lists takes two values from the database or the data source; one value is displayed by the list and the other is considered as the value corresponding to the display.

Let us take up a small example to understand the concept. Create a web site with a bulleted list and a SqlDataSource control on it. Configure the data source control to retrieve two values from your database we use the same DotNetReferences table as in the previous chapter. When the application is executed, check that the entire title column is bound to the bulleted list and displayed.

We have already used declarative data binding in the previous tutorial using GridView control. The other composite data bound controls capable of displaying and manipulating data in a tabular manner are the DetailsView, FormView, and RecordList control. The data adapter that issues the select statement stored in the command object; it is also capable of update the data in a database by issuing Insert, Delete, and Update statements.

Step 1 : Create a new website. Add a class named booklist by right clicking on the solution name in the Solution Explorer and choosing the item 'Class' from the 'Add Item' dialog box. Name it as booklist. Step 2 : Add four list controls on the page a list box control, a radio button list, a check box list, and a drop down list and four labels along with these list controls.

The page should look like this in design view:. The createbooklist method is a user defined method that creates an array of booklist objects named allbooks. The list is of IList type, which implements the IEnumerable interface and capable of being bound to the list controls. The page load event handler binds the IList object 'bklist' with the list controls. The bookname property is to be displayed and the authorname property is considered as the value.

When the page is run, if the user selects a book, its name is selected and displayed by the list controls whereas the corresponding labels display the author name, which is the corresponding value for the selected index of the list control.

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how to bind data to radgrid in asp net

Previous Page Print Page.RadGrid is a powerful component that displays data obtained from a database or other data source. The data is presented in tabular view and can be further enhanced with templates or other customization options. NET 2. This approach is convenient when you have the data source present in C or VB code, for instance a List of Class or Objects.

More information you can find in our dedicated Client-Side Binding articles and demos. It is highly recommended to avoid using the DataBind method: How to bind RadGrid properly on server-side. Resulting to this:. In a hierarchical grid, it is logical for the detail tables to be bound separately from their parent tables, using a separate data source. When binding detail tables, it is also a common requirement to manage the relationship of the records in the detail data source to the parent table so that the child items are loaded depending on the parent item.

Using declarative relations. Using the DetailTableDataBind event. When binding the grid by setting the DataSource property in the NeedDataSource event handler, you can use an instance of any of the following types:. Here is another basic runnable example with dummy DataTable which you can once again directly copy-paste to your project:.

All primitive types - boolbytesbytecharshortushortintuintlongulongdecimaldoublefloatDateTimeetc. RadGrid uses the static method RadGrid. IsBindableType to determine if the property of an object can be bound. All Rights Reserved. See Trademarks for appropriate markings. In this article. Not finding the help you need?

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ASP.NET - Data Binding

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